I started this blog as a way to stay connected with my family and friends since we are now on our third state in four years. I love to throw parties, travel, and spend time with my family trying new recipes, attempting to craft, etc. I am passionate about writing and I have a note taped up that says: “Write Something Today.”

Running has been my release and escape for over ten years. During this time, I’ve trained for dozens of races, bought at least 30 pairs of running shoes, dealt with multiple injuries, and adjusted to running with a jog stroller and a squealing toddler.

I married my husband Todd on 6-2-12. I am from Colorado and Todd grew up in Utah. In our four years of marriage, we have moved three times and have lived in three different states! We recently moved from Chapel Hill, NC to Houston, TX after Todd graduated with his Masters in Healthcare Administration from UNC (GO HEELS!). We sure miss NC, but we are enjoying our time in Texas.

In August 2015 we welcomed our son, Theodore Beryl Hardy into the world. He’s the sweetest, wildest boy and we are crazy about him. He has my whole heart and my undivided attention all day long.

We love trying new things, seeing new places, and tasting new foods. Life’s fast pace (and Theo) keeps us on our toes, but we are enjoying the ride!

I love to be inspired by what others do and create, and I hope that my online journal of our life can inspire and entertain you.