Sprinkles Baking Book Signing

Sprinkles Baking Book signing in Houston

“Sprinkles Baking Book” book signing in Houston

Pinch me! I finally got to meet Candace Nelson, the brilliant and incredibly talented woman behind Sprinkles! I have been a fan for over 10 years. Every summer, my sisters, mom and I would road trip to California and Sprinkles in Beverly Hills was always a highlight. Sprinkles is so much more than just a cupcake bakery, it has many of my family memories baked into it (pun intended).

Now over 10 years after I sampled my first red velvet cupcake, I actually live near a Sprinkles and can go whenever I want! Dangerous but definitely a life long dream of mine! I had been anxiously awaiting the release of the Sprinkles Baking Book, and getting it signed was just icing on the cake (or should I say cupcake!).

While waiting in line, the Sprinkles employees served us ice cream samples which helped keep Theo happy. Todd also took Theo around the back to use the Cupcake ATM for a s’mores cupcake while we waited.

When it was finally our turn, I was SO excited to meet her! I totally geeked out and Todd took a two minute video of us gushing over her haha! She was so kind and down to earth. We asked her questions about some of her favorite recipes and of course got a picture with her. Afterwards we got pumpkin cupcakes with the pumpkin ice cream and like everything else in the store, it was AMAZING.

Sprinkles Baking Book Signing in Houston

Candace Nelson, founder of Sprinkles.

We are planning to make her pies for our Friendsgiving coming up and we cannot wait to try them as well as every other recipe in her book!


*Outfit details: Both our dresses are from Sonnet James.


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