Baby Boy’s First Birthday

First Birthday Party- The Traveling Runner Blog

First Birthday Party- The Traveling Runner Blog

Dancing to Pandora trying to cheer up the cranky birthday boy!

First Birthday- The Traveling Runner Blog

I’m wearing the Reese Dress from Sonnet James, it’s a favorite!

First Birthday Party

First Birthday- The Traveling Runner Blog

My baby boy turned ONE in August and I still can’t believe it. Even though my son cried for the majority of his birthday party, I still wanted to make it a special day for him and a few friends. I wanted to keep it simple with only a few guests. Since some of our guests were toddlers, I wanted the menu to consist of “kid-friendly” foods. So, I landed on bringing out the kid in everyone and doing a hotdog bar!

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Birthday Party Prep

Birthday Party Prep

My enthusiastic helper with demonic eyes.

Getting ready for a party takes a thousand times more effort with a baby. Especially when your baby is hanging on to your legs crying while you’re trying to work. Fortunately I anticipated this, which was a good thing since Theo was EXTRA cranky on his birthday, and I used the entire week to prep. On the day before the party, I decorated, washed and set out all of my dishes and serving utensils, baked my cookies for the goodie bags, picked up my cupcakes, ordered balloons, picked up flowers, and cut up my watermelon. On the day of the party, I was able to get everything else done during my son’s naps, so when he was awake, we could spend the day swimming and playing.

Hot Dog Bar- The Traveling Runner Blog

Hot Dog Bar- The Traveling Runner Blog

I’ll be honest, I don’t like hot dogs. I have one once every 5 years at a baseball game. But I liked the idea of doing a hot dog bar, and a grilled hot dog isn’t terrible (yes I know, gross stuff inside, no nutrition…). I decided to set out the cooked hotdogs already in their buns next to all of the bar toppings to make it as easy as possible. For toppings, I had cheese, diced onion, jalepenos, relish, ketchup, mustard, salsa verde, pickles, and cheese.

First Birthday Party- The Traveling Runner

Rather than set out chip bags, I decided to put out chips in small, brown bags (again, thinking kid-friendly.) I bought mini brown paper bags on Amazon and cut them down to make them smaller. I had three different flavors, and honestly I went a little crazy on eating chips this weekend! I think I need to have a potato chip bar at my next party. I also grilled corn on the cob and of course, no summer BBQ is complete without watermelon.

First Birthday Party with Sprinkles Cupcakes

For desserts, there was no question, I wanted Sprinkles Cupcakes! I have been obsessed with them for 10 years, and I finally live 15 minutes away from one in Houston! I decorated Theo’s birthday candle with stickers to spruce it up a bit.

Root Beer Floats in Crate and Barrel Frosted Mugs

Root Beer Floats- The Traveling Runner Blog

I also decided to do Root Beer floats as another dessert option and they were a hit! Talk about a throw back to childhood, we even put our mugs in the freezer to make frosty mugs.

First Birthday Party Hot Dog Bar

Sunflower Centerpiece

My decorations, plates and utensils for the party came from Amazon, the Dollar Store, and Hobby Lobby. I purchased my bouquet of balloons from Party City and some fresh sunflowers from Randall’s to decorate the table. Nothing says “birthday party” like big balloons! And the silver balloon floated for two weeks!

Goodie Bags- The Traveling Runner Blog

For goody bags, I baked chocolate chip cookies with mini M&M’s. To avoid the same smudges caused by the chips and to keep the cookies fresh, I put the cookies in cellophane bags before putting them into the mini brown sacks. I also purchased bubble wands to send home with each of the kids.

First Birthday Party- The Traveling Runner Blog

Overall, we had a wonderful time despite many tears from the birthday boy. We may have been singing “it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to” for most of the day. I think he felt pretty special and I had a fun time celebrating this little man and this big milestone.

First Birthday Party- The Traveling Runner Blog



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