Family Time in Colorado

Family in Colorado

Father son time

Swings at the Park

You don’t need need to me very well to know that I love everything about Colorado and would do just about anything to move back! We’ve had two opportunities, grad school and fellowship interviews, where we could have moved to Colorado, but decided to pursue other opportunities. I’ll get back someday and in the meantime, I’ll just have to visit a lot!

Garden of the Gods

Hiking in Colorado, Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods in Colorado

During this past visit, we got to stay for two whole weeks and I was in heaven! Unfortunately both Theo and I arrived with pretty bad colds that are still holding on, so we had a lot of down time watching movies, napping, and going to bed early. We still managed to have some fun and do some of the fun things on our list. Todd and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary with dinner at Flemings and Beauty and the Beast at the Buell Theater downtown. We also snuck in some pool days, trips to the movies, s’mores in the backyard, hiking, and we celebrated my mom’s birthday.

Buell Theater, Denver Colorado

Pool Time in Colorado

Edible Finger Painting made with pudding

Finger painting with pudding!

Mother son pictures

Never enough kisses from my boy!

Summertime in Colorado is truly the best. I get to go back for a couple of days before flying down to Houston, so I get to enjoy a few more cool summer nights before heading to the extreme humidity!



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