Road Trip to Utah

Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Utah
South Jordan, Utah

Todd’s childhood home!

Bridal Shower

The best of friends together at Taylor’s bridal shower.

Family Reunion in Utah

Todd’s Family

Family in Utah

Theo meeting his Great Grandpa Hardy

We got to spend a week in Utah for Todd’s family’s reunion, visiting friends that we haven’t seen in two years, and showering my sister. Unfortunately, the day we got to Utah Theo got really sick. We had a scary couple of days mixed with a nasty virus, teething, and allergies. Poor guy. It was brutal, but we survived. We also survived the road trip to and from Utah with only two stops each way! It’s amazing how much longer it takes to do anything with a baby! (I’m sure I’ll be writing a blog post on surviving road trips with an infant on the Hunter Girls Blog soon!)
Despite Theo feeling so miserable, we were still able to see a few friends that came over to visit, I got to attend a bridal shower hosted by some of my best friends for my sister Taylor, and we got to spend time with Todd’s family. We had a great trip, even though it was crazy hot! Fortunately it cools off in the evenings, so we got to enjoy some beautiful summer nights. My favorite part of the trip was introducing Theo to his great-grandpa Hardy. We got to visit his cute house where Todd played as a kid and we got to see Todd’s childhood home.

We had a great time and Theo had so much fun meeting all of his cute cousins. We also made it back to Colorado in time to have a birthday dinner and celebration for Todd’s birthday. Unfortunately he spent his actual birthday the next day driving to Houston, but at least we got to celebrate before the long drive!

Until next time, Utah!



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