Baby Shower with a Waffle Bar

Waffle Bar

This weekend I got to cohost a baby shower for one of my really good friends and we had a blast! For her shower, I wanted to do something unique for our brunch, so we decided to do a waffle bar. It was a hit and everyone loved making their own waffles.

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To help everyone through the waffle bar, I created a sign with step by step instructions to make sure no one forgot the toppings or to spray the waffle irons. I created the sign in PicMonkey, and you can download it for free below. (You’ll definitely want it in a frame because it gets VERY messy!)

Waffle Bar Instructions

For the batters, we made buttermilk, red velvet, and chocolate. For the red velvet and chocolate batters, I used store bought cake mixes and followed the directions on the boxes to make the batters. I added a chocolate pudding mix to the chocolate batter to make it extra chocolatey. The chocolate batter was the thickest of the three, so I added a little extra water and oil to thin it out.

For fillings, we had white chocolate chips, sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, blueberries, and coconut. As our topping options, we had whipped cream, butter, powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, fruit, nuts, and maple syrup. Obviously you could have a million options for fillings and toppings, but everyone seemed to go with the traditional options.

 Waffle Bar Toppings

Waffle Bar Fillings

I had been wanting to purchase glass milk bottles for a while now, and I found these cute bottles on Amazon. I purchased the straws at Target in the $1- $3 sections at the front of the store. I got 18 straws for only $3. I also made mini yogurt parfaits with strawberry yogurt and granola, and I left enough room in the cups to add fruit from the toppings in the waffle bar.

Glass Milk Bottles, Baby Shower

Glass Milk Bottles- Baby Shower

For the shower games, I created my own The Price is Right: Baby Addition. Instead of going with every day items like diapers and baby food, I picked harder items to level the playing field such as a designer stroller, a baby hot tub, and a toddler urinal (yes these things actually exist!). Both the PowerPoint of the game and the word document with the answers are below for you to download. We also played the baby food guessing game and we rewarded our two winners $5 Target gift cards.

Baby Shower

For our thank-you’s at the end of the shower, we packed up mini doughnuts and I used washi tape with baby feet and the saying “sweet baby” to seal them. For the mom-to-be, we had everyone sign a copy of The Jungle Book since her nursery is jungle themed.

A few tips for the waffle bar: make sure to use DURABLE and disposable table cloths because it gets very messy. Also, make sure you have two waffle irons going to keep the line moving. We had 12 people, so we were glad we had two irons going.







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