Hanging Rock State Park

Hanging Rock National Park, North CarolinaThis past weekend, my little family spent the day at Hanging Rock State Park in North Carolina. It was our first time taking our 9-week-old son hiking, so we had low expectations for how much we would actually get to hike. To our pleasant surprise, not only did our son sleep the entire hour and half car ride both there and back, but he also slept through our hike up to Hanging Rock.

Hiking in North Carolina

The hiking trail was 2.6 miles round trip so we figured we would hike until our son got fussy. It was a chilly, crisp fall day so my husband loaded our son into his Ergo 360 carrier and wrapped his legs with a blanket to keep him warm. We were shocked that my son slept for the entire hike! We thought for sure he would wake up and fuss halfway through, but he slept like an angel the whole time. Parking was free both at the trail and down at the lake. I am not sure if that changes during the busier summer months at the lake. We also went on a Friday in the middle of the day and saw others along the trail, but didn’t feel overcrowded. There are also cabins that you can rent for the weekend if you want to stay and enjoy the park for an entire weekend.

Hanging Rock National Park, NC

Hanging Rock National Park, North Carolina

Hanging Rock National Park, North Carolina

Ergo Baby Carrier for Hiking

The view from the top was beautiful and the views were breath taking even from a safe distance from the ledge of hanging rock. Even without a baby I don’t know if I would have been brave enough to go stand on the edge!

Hanging Rock National Park, North Carolina

The park also has a beautiful lake at the bottom that has boat rentals and swimming during the summer. There was hardly anyone around so we went and laid on the docks and enjoyed the sunshine. We also enjoyed a delicious lunch from Artist’s Way Creations, one of four restaurants in the small town. They have delicious boxed lunches and baked goods and it is very affordable.

Hanging Rock National Park, North Carolina

Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag

I LOVE our diaper bag, the Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag from Nordstrom. It has plenty of space for everything we need when we go out and it even has a changing pad that folds out. We opened it up and laid Theo on it so he could stare up at the sky and he loved it! This bag is a must have for any mom.

Baby Boy Swaddles

Soaking up the beautiful fall day!

It was a great day and a great trip to admire the beautiful fall colors. We are feeling festive and ready for Halloween!



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