Labor Day Weekend in DC

Capitol Building, Washington DC

I’m a little behind on my blogging, but we spent Labor Day weekend in DC with my cousins! We had such a fun time paddle boarding on the Potomac (and watching Todd fall in), eating yummy food, visiting the Holocaust Museum, and BBQ-ing. It was a great weekend, thanks to my awesome cousins! I loved spending time in my favorite city.

Washington Monument

I spent the weekend reminiscing about my summer internship here back during the summer of 2011. Todd and I were dating and he was able to come and visit me a few times since he was working on the east coast as well.  If you are planning on interning or visiting the city for longer than a week, here are some helpful suggestions:

Capitol Building, Washington DC

Get a Smart Trip card for the Metro. Fortunately my cousin let me use her card for the summer. If you don’t have one, you can look up where to get them on their website. It’s easy to fill your cards, it’s cheaper, and you don’t have to get a new card every time you take the metro. Stand on the right side of the elevators going in and out of the Metro. You will learn very quickly that people in a hurry will run down the left side, and if you’re in their way, it’s not a good thing.

Get dinner at Serendipity in Georgetown. They have the best sweet potato fries and frozen hot chocolate. Plus, it’s a super cute atmosphere.

Hit up Adams Morgan for nightlife and fun restaurants.

Go to the museums. Most of them are free! My favorites are the Holocaust Museum and the Newseum.  There are some pretty amazing things to see, like parts of the Berlin Wall at the Newseum and shoes and glasses taken from the prisoners in the concentration camps during the Holocaust.

Pieces of the Berlin Wall at the Newseum in DC

Rent kaiaks on the Potomac River. The water is gross, but you’re in a boat so it’s fun! You forget you are in a city for a little while too.

Potomac, Washington DC

Walk the mall  or visit your favorite monuments at dusk or at night. Obviously don’t do this alone, but if you have time, it’s fun to walk around during the night without all of the chaos from all of the summer tourists during the day. Some of the monuments have specific hours and you can’t go at night, just check ahead of time.

Spend a day in Old Town. It’s right outside DC and the metro takes you right to it. It’s the cutest little town right on the water.

Old Town Alexandria

Get Ice Cream at Thomas Sweet in Georgetown. We saw the First Family getting ice cream here on Father’s Day! It was so cool, so after he left and all the crowds dispersed, we went in to try it. It’s delicious and they have pictures of the President’s visit.  Last time we were here, they didn’t take cards though, so make sure you have cash (there is an ATM in the store).

Thomas Sweet in Georgetown

Take the Bolt Bus to New York City for a weekend. It’s a fast bus ride that drops you off right by Madison Square Garden. This bus leaves from Union Station in DC and most of the metro lines run through here. If you’re going with someone, make sure you book your tickets together because once it’s full, you have to buy your ticket for the next bus. We made this mistake and had to ride back on separate buses. The total cost was only $40 round trip. Vamoose Bus is also a good option, that’s what we used for our Thanksgiving New York City trip.

View from the Lincoln Memorial

Get a cinnamon scone from Au Bon Pain in the Union Station. It’s a small stand with tons of pastries and the cinnamon scone is delicious! (I know this is a chain, but I discovered them here and this is where my love for them began!).

Mall, Washington DC

Go to Jazz in the Park. I missed this because I was sick and I was way bummed because everyone loved it. You get to listen to live jazz music and relax with a picnic in the park. Go do it if you have a free night.

Eat lots of cupcakes. Seriously, so good. In my opinion, Georgetown Cupcakes isn’t as good as Crumbs or my favorite Sprinkles, but you can decide for yourself and try both.

Summer in DC

At the Lincoln Memorial back in 2011, look how young we were!

Basically everything you do here is awesome, but these are the things that I still remember almost three years later. Have fun!



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